Photo Books


Flush Mount


Stains Vs Coating

Standard press paper absorbs stains. Our flush mount albums have coating
that protects against spills and stains.

Bulging Vs Layflat

Standard press printed books lose the image inside the gutter. All flush mount albums
however use a layflat design, which gives stunning panoramic views.


Standard Vs Thick

Press printed books are like magazines. Flush mount albums are built like a brick, they feel robust and their weight carries a crafted feel.

Soft Vs Rigid

Standard press pages bend out of shape with each opening.
Flush mount albums are rigid and meant for rigorous use..

Curling Vs Firm

Standard pages in press printed books easily wrinkle after light playing from children. Thick flush mount albums' pages don't bend so they always retain their shape.

Magazine Paper Vs Photo Paper

Press print books use the same paper as found in mass produced magazines.
Flush mount albums use real silver halide photo paper that comes
with a beautiful Lustre finish.


A Book's Core

Flush mount albums differ from regular photo books in
having a stronger, tighter, finer, superior core. Don't be fooled by
flashy covers. Look inside for binding, color, paper, strength, texture ...