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Packages include 1 family with up to 5 people. Additional $35 per person, including kids.
Maximum 10 people for these packages. For multiple families, click here to see the 2 hour packages.

Do you want to have control over your selection of pictures? 
Then select the Orchid Package! With that package, you get complete control.  After your session, I will upload every photo taken.
You get to pick out your favorites from the complete collection of images.
Suppose I go through and select them, I will select different pictures than you do. You may like the way you look better in another picture than the ones I have selected. This way your guaranteed to absolutely love your pictures because you got to pick them out! Once you have selected your favorites then I will begin editing. Clients are loving this feature of seeing them all and getting to pick their favorites! If you don't want to select them, I can pick them for you. Clients are loving this control.

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When is the best time for my session?
For families with young children, they always do best with mornings. See an example of a beautiful morning session, click here.

If you don't have young children, what time is best?
The two best times for photography are in the early morning and before sunset. They both offer beautiful lighting. Here's the difference.

Morning at 8:30am: If the sun is out, the water & sky are blue. Here’s an example of a morning session, click here.
A morning session offers a gorgeous turquoise ocean and a light sandy beach. Also the beaches have a lot less people on them. 

1 Hour before Sunset: The lighting has a nice golden tone. The colors vary at sunset, it can be full of colors or just a light golden shade.  Here’s an example, click here or another example here.

You can't go wrong. They are both beautiful. 

How many pictures do we get to keep?

That depends on the package you select-15, 30, or 50 images.

If I select the basic or plumeria package, who selects the images that I keep?
We will go through them and select the best ones. Then you can select your favorites from those or choose to upgrade & get them all.

If I select the basic or plumeria package, can I upgrade later?
Yes, you can. Most every client does. 

Whats included in the editing?
The editing is for the color, saturation, contrast, softening, brightness, fill light, clarity, etc.
If you want to order additional cosmetic editing, or any Photoshop requests it can be ordered @ $50 an hour.

How do we get our pictures?
We make them available for you to download directly to your computer from your online gallery. 

What can I do with the pictures?
You can print them if you choose, share them on Facebook, etc. They are yours to enjoy.

Can you come to the town I'm staying in?
Yes, we can go anywhere on Maui.

I'm staying in Kaanapali, can you photograph on the beach here?
Unfortunately Maui County has regulated against photographing on any beach in Maui. 
You can either select a beach in South Maui for your session(about 1 hour drive)
or select a beach near about 15 minutes drive from you.

What if it rains?
The locations we photograph at are mostly sunny.  If there is a chance of rain, we can move it to another location. Or we can move the session to another day.

How can I book a session?
By making a $50 deposit here.
Then please send an email letting us know when you arrive & leave Maui.