Maui Photography for Multiple Families & Groups

Each Package comes with:

*A gallery of images you can instantly download onto your computer.  

*All images are high resolution.

*Print releases for each family.  Permission granted to print your images.  You can make quality prints with any vendor you choose. It is like having your digital negatives.

*Custom online gallery & slideshow with all your portraits.  In your gallery you can order prints, photo books, or canvas wraps.  If your package comes with a print credit, you can use it here.

(Approx. 100-150 images are photographed in 1 hour.  Of those, a selected number of images are included in your package. That number depends on which package you select below.)

Have more questions? Please see the F.A.Q.'s at the bottom of the page.

photographers in maui at the grand wailea with large family

 Basic Package- $1099 + tax

 *2 Hours of Photography

 *30 digital images professionally edited from your session comes with this package 

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photography in maui of big family in wailea
Plumeria Package- $1499 + tax

*2 Hours of Photography

*6digital images professionally edited from your session comes with this package

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photography in maui family reunion
Orchid Package $1899 + tax 

*2 Hours of Photography

digital images professionally edited from your session comes with this package

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*Packages includes up to 12 people.  More than 12 people, add $35.00 per person-including kids.

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When is the best time for my session?
For families with young children, they always do best with mornings. See an example of a beautiful morning session, click here.

If you don't have young children, what time is best?
The two best times for photography are in the early morning and before sunset. They both offer beautiful lighting. Here's the difference.

Early morning at 8:30am: The water & the sky are bright blue & gorgeous. Here’s another morning session, click here.

A morning session offers a gorgeous turquoise ocean and a white sandy beach. Also the beaches have a lot less people on them. The beaches I prefer are usually empty.

1 Hour before Sunset: The lighting has a nice golden tone. The colors vary at sunset, it can be full of colors or just a light golden shade.  Here’s an example, click here or another example here.

You can't go wrong. They are both beautiful. :) 

How does this session work?
We start with the group shots then go into each family with posed and candid shots. Then the other families can take a break while shooting 1 family at a time. It works out perfect with great results in beautiful family pictures on the beach. :)

See examples of multiple family 2 hour sessions, click here & for another example here.

How many pictures do we get to keep?
That depends on the package you select-30, 60, or 100+ images.

If I select the basic or plumeria package, who selects the images that I keep?
You do! :) I will edit all of the best images, 100+. Then you can select your favorites or choose to upgrade & get them all.

If I select the basic or plumeria package, can I upgrade later?
Yes, you can. Most every client does. :)

How do we get our pictures?
I will make them available for you to download directly to your computer from your online gallery. 

What can I do with the pictures?
You can print them if you choose, share them on facebook, etc. They are yours to enjoy! :)

Can you come to the town I'm staying in?
Yes, I can go anywhere on Maui. :)

I'm staying in Kaanapali, can you photograph on the beach here?
Unfortunately Maui County has regulated against photographing on any beach in Maui.
You can either-Select a beach in South Maui for your session(about 1 hour drive)
or select a beach near about 15 minutes drive from you.

What if it rains?
The locations I photograph at are mostly sunny all of the time with very little rain.  If there is a chance of rain, we can move it to another location. Or we can move the session to another day
. :)  

How can I book a session?
By making a $50 deposit here.
Then please send me an email letting me know when you arrive & leave Maui.