We are a Company of Professional Photographers on the gorgeous Island of Maui.

Each photographer has a happy & positive personality which brings out the best in everyone! This combined with our love of art helps us to capture the love, fun, & joy of your beautiful Maui Portraits.

As an individual, Jen is a very happy person who's been called ‘Smiley’ since childhood. Her passion is for sharing the Bible's truth & future hope with the deaf community in sign language.  Her life goal is to help others as a Missionary. Learning languages and cultures from around the world to connect with people is Jen's love.  Music, dancing, traveling & making others feel good are a few other things Jen loves to do.  She is photographed here visiting her 3 nieces and helping the deaf community on Maui.  

That's a little bit about us, now its your turn!
When will you be on Maui &
What are you celebrating in your life?